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Meet the New Vocalo Bloggers



"As an experiment in radio," Chicago Public Radio's new strategic plan allows, "Vocalo can be seen a {sic] significant and strategic. We have attracted and developed a cadre of 'host personalities' that can help solicit and curate user generated content.... As a website, Vocalo must be seen as unsuccessful so far. Great websites exhibit a much steeper growth pattern than we have experienced — something our staff and General Manager are urgently working to address. This must be fixed urgently." (The emphases are CPR's.)

So the website is establishing its own cadre of personalities. And though the strategic plan says Vocalo was created for "non-traditional urban listeners who historically haven't responded as deeply to public radio programming," the three new bloggers Vocalo just added would not only feel perfectly at home at big brother, WBEZ, but in two cases have already felt at home there.

Here's what Justin Kaufmann, CPR's Web editor, has to say on about Lee Bey, Steve Dolinsky, and Amy Krouse Rosenthal:

"Rosenthal and I have worked together for years at WBEZ on the show Writers Block Party, which aired within Eight Forty-Eight."

"Dolinsky (also known as the Hungry Hound) is food reporter for ABC-7 Chicago. But c’mon, what hasn’t Steve done in Chicago’s culinary media. We worked together for years on Eight Forty-Eight and we won a few James Beard awards together."

" Bey is a former Sun-Times architecture critic and also worked as deputy chief of staff for Mayor Daley. Lee and I go way back, as Lee was my freshman year News Writing instructor at Columbia College."

Bey, Dolinsky, and Rosenthal (who join Vocalo blogger Robert Feder, the former Sun-Times TV/radio reporter) should make Vocalo better, but they'll also make it more like WBEZ. As Vocalo tries to grow up, the nut moves ever closer to the tree.