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Illinois Meltdown and a Call for a Monkey Tax


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A bad news roundup:

Laurence Msall:

Illinois has no budget any more. It is appropriating money it does not have.

Donne Trotter:

"Some called it a six-month budget. Others called it a nine-month budget. Others a three-month budget."

Mark J. Heyrman:

“This is like someone who’s jumped off a hundred-story building, and when they get to the 50th story, they say, ‘I’m fine so far.’”


[W]hile the Democratic plans are inadequate, the Republican plans aren’t based in reality.

Bill Brady:

Republican Bill Brady is promising to help Illinois farmers by cutting taxes while spending more on agriculture programs if he is elected governor.

Dan Hynes:

Hynes said Quinn should have borrowed the pension money in October.


"We’ve had nearly $6 billion in short-term borrowing under Pat Quinn and he wants to borrow more. We are over leveraged."

Pat Quinn:

Quinn said Friday his proposal to raise the tax rate 50 percent is the best plan. He wants to lessen the impact on poor and working families by increasing the personal exemption.

Angela Caputo:

Will 2010 be the year that lawmakers finally face up to reality?

And finally:

Pantagraph: State wants to keep people from owning monkeys

[Solution: Monkey tax.]

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