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HCR: They Got Theirs


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How spin works. The Trib editorial board:

The Bay State's rebuke of the massively complex and expensive health care reform bills passed out of the House and Senate couldn't be clearer if voters splashed it up on a Jumbotron at Fenway Park: Scale this back.

Note the absence of any concrete evidence - polling, quotes, and so forth - from the editorial. Here's how Scott Brown actually campaigned:

"We have insurance here in Massachusetts,"* he said in a campaign debate. "I'm not going to be subsidizing for the next three, five years, pick a number, subsidizing what other states have failed to do."


"Massachusetts's reforms continue to be popular in Massachusetts -- sufficiently popular that Brown did not repudiate them," said Paul Starr, a Princeton public affairs professor. "Here is a state that has enacted a similar reform and it is popular. That should encourage people that if it's done at the national level, that it would work as policy, and that it would be popular."

Lo and behold, the only quoted Trib reader whose response to the Brown victory actually reflected what Brown campaigned on is relegated to the back of the bus.

* Enacted by a moderate Republican, FYI.