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Names for Dames


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Chicago Tribune, November 11, 1920. Today, of course, we know for a certainty that the optimal girl's name is Madison. Back in the day, parents did what they could with materials at hand.

Myrtle peaked in the 1890s, when it was the 28th most popular girl's name. They pretty much stopped making new Myrtles in 1960.

Carrie was riding high at 22nd most popular in the 1880s, slumps down to 200 in the 1940s, then enjoys a brief but substantial comeback (thanks probably to Stephen King and Sissy Spacek) in the 1970s.

Ben Bolt was a sentimental ballad about a dude mourning the death of his cherished childhood playmate, Alice.

The standard diminutive for Bridget is "Bridey." So there, McGraw, I just punked your wife.

Florence was in the top ten back in the 1890s, but has since joined Myrtle in girl-name purgatory. I've got no idea who these great novelists are—I'm wracking my brains and can't come up with a single literary Florence.

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