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Anke Loh: Prints of Dresses on Dresses


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  • Jef Jacobs

With her spring/summer 2010 collection, Chicago-based designer Anke Loh returns to more wearable pieces after a few years of technological experimentation with light-emitting technology and fabrics.

She calls this collection a type of "summary" of her work since she arrived in Chicago in 2005 to to teach at the School of the Art Institute. She took stills from a video of previous work—dresses incorporating fiber optics, filmed in movement—and translated them to digital and silk-screened prints. They're also a response to the graphic trend on dresses and skirts, which intrigued her even though "everyone is doing it," she says. "I just need to add something which is a little more disturbing or a reflection of my personal feeling." Prints of dresses on dresses form a visual record of past projects.

  • Jef Jacobs

Some pieces use heat-sensitive ink, which make the designs fade and distort when in contact with body heat, as well as laser-cut details, a result of a previous collaboration with dancer Carrie Hanson, choreographer of the contemporary dance troupe the Seldoms.

  • Jef Jacobs

  • Jef Jacobs

Loh is working with a showroom for the first time to present the collection to buyers. In the meantime, interested parties can contact her through her Web site.