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Bad News Week Continues


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Whoa. Shabooty is reporting that Def Jux has folded. That's some unexpected news.

The evidence isn't definitive (no pun), but the blog cites a number of tweets from people who'd be in a position to have that type of info, including label owner El-P, whose Twitter account has gone nonpublic. (The forums at the Def Jux site are also down.) El-P also issued a nondenial, saying he'd be giving an official statement, which seems to back up the chatter.

I haven't heard any speculation as to the cause of the label's demise. Given the shark-frenzy level of activity around the merch tables at so many of the indie-rap shows I've been to, I've always thought the genre had enough product-hungry fans to fare reasonably well despite the general music-biz recession, but who knows?

First Metal Haven, now Def Jux. I know they say these things come in threes, but I'll be perfectly fine with it if no other cherished musical institutions die this week.