Comics: The Eternal Third Rail of American Journalism | Bleader

Comics: The Eternal Third Rail of American Journalism


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Even though I grew up in a... well, not a golden age of newspaper comics, but at least one with a handful of brilliant ones, this never fails to amuse/fascinate/horrify (via Frank Sennett):

Seriously, how out of touch are the editors there?

Yeah! You tell Gerry Kern about staff cuts... oh, wait....

How could you take out Get Fuzzy and Lio?

Then again, maybe the kids are all right:

tell me, what makes pickels popular? is it because it's been around longer than I can count to? wouldn't that make Get Fuzzy "popular" too? by the the way, I'm 11 and key to the survival of your newspaper comics! so, let's actually have some good comics, please!

Well said, lio'da'bom. That's a kid that should get an Achewood book (~ Get Fuzzy for grownups) for his or her 16th birthday.

FWIW, I'm pretty ambivalent about the iPad as a newspaper delivery device, but what would sell me on it would be something like a Drawn & Quarterly app.