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Don't (Just) Blame the Voters



As reports of low turnout circulate . . . well, get out and vote, but also remember: The three highest-profile races were basically the Democratic primaries for Senate, governor, and Cook County Board President.

* In the first, continuing front-runner Alexi Giannoulias basically sat on his lead the whole time in the hopes that the opposition wouldn't eat too far into his polling (I think he's going to be proven right, but it's still irritating). As a grace note, he blew off the campaign's final photo-op.

* In the second, both of the high-profile candidates ran profoundly negative campaigns — which in and of itself typically depresses turnout — while the state they hope to govern veers towards actual, honest-to-goodness bankruptcy.

* In the third, the unpopular but high-profile incumbent sort-of-subtly threw in the towel well before the election.

As is often the case in these parts, there's plenty of blame to go around.