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Touch and Go Zine Anthologized


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The final issue of Touch and Go, with Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins on the cover
  • The final issue of Touch and Go, with Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins on the cover
Before it was an influential record label owned by Corey Rusk, Touch and Go was an influential punk rock fanzine. Tesco Vee (of Meatmen fame) and Dave Stimson founded it in Lansing, Michigan, in 1979, and eventually Vee started the label of the same name, releasing records by his own group as well as the Fix, Negative Approach, and Rusk's band the Necros. In 1981 bassist Rusk joined Vee at the label, and by 1983 he'd taken over, running it with his future wife, Lisa Pfahler.

Between 1979 and 1983 the zine Touch and Go published 22 issues, and though I've never seen a copy myself, Touch and Go's reputation certainly reached me. It was infamous for it snotty arrogance and acid opinions—in the wake of Search and Destroy and Slash, it was one of the first low-budget publications to chronicle and ridicule the burgeoning hardcore scene (Black Flag, Faith, Die Kreuzen, Minor Threat, Misfits, Iron Cross, Poison Idea, et cetera). The news isn't exactly fresh that Bazillion Points, a publishing company specializing in music-related books (including the recent Hellbent for Cooking), will release Touch and Go: The Complete Years this summer, edited by Vee and Stimson along with Steve Miller. But a Facebook page for the project has just appeared (the first entry was Saturday), which seems like a good way to follow the book's progress and whet your appetite with teasers. The contents of all 22 issues will be appended by reminiscences from Rusk as well as the likes of Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris, Henry Rollins, and Byron Coley.

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