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Def Jux Officially on Hiatus


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Yesterday the rumor mill was buzzing with news that highly regarded indie hip-hop label Definitive Jux was folding. Last night cofounder El-P released an official statement via the DJX, saying:

[W]e'll still have our website, we will still sell our catalog, merch and more as well as bring you news and updates on all our projects and artists. We will be releasing "KING OF HEARTS", a DEF JUX remix compilation, a 10 year anniversary retrospective and some other goodies. But then as a traditional record label DEF JUX will effectively be put on hiatus. We are not closing, but we are changing. The process is already underway[.]

For the time being El-P says he plans to focus his energies on his own music and on production rather than on label stuff, and hints at the eventual emergence of a Def Jux 2.0, though he admits he's not sure what form he'd like to see it take:

In 2000 starting a traditional record label made a lot of sense. But now, in 2010, less so and I find myself yearning for something else to put my energy into. I also see newer, smarter, more interesting things on the horizon for the way art and commerce intersect, and as an artist and an entrepreneur, I'm eager to see them unfold. The evolution of this industry is, in my opinion, exciting, inevitable and it would be nice to see the DEFINITIVE JUX brand be a part of it. In other words, maybe we can turn this hoopty in to a hovercraft.

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