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Tony Buck of The Necks
  • Tony Buck

Show: Magda Mayas The Berlin pianist plays in Projekt Transmit, a group led by Necks drummer Tony Buck that's a four-piece for the occasion, with bassist Nate McBride and percussionist Steven Hess.

9:30 PM, Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, 773-227-4433 or 866-468-3401, $8.

Dinner: Jane's inhabits a cozy converted house in Bucktown. The reasonably priced Cal-American fare is innovative, eclectic, and especially friendly to vegetarians.

1653 W. Cortland St., 773-862-5263


Show: Slap Shot Lincoln Hall presents the second installment of its oddly promoted The 3-Penny Was Here screening series, whose titles the venue advertises only through back channels due to licensing issues; this time it's the 1977 George Roy Hill-directed, Paul Newman-starring hockey drama Slap Shot.

7 PM, Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln, free.

Dinner: Kith & Kin A stealthy early-December opening has attracted mobs to this otherwise culinarily bereft pocket of the neighborhood. Chefs David Carrier and Andrew Brochu both worked with or under Grant Achatz at one time or another—the former first at the French Laundry, then at Trio.

1119 W. Webster Ave., 773-472-7070

Show: Odd Man Out A wounded Irish revolutionary (James Mason at his near best) on the run in Belfast encounters a cross section of human responses—self-interest, indifference, empathy, and charity—in this arty 1946 English thriller directed by Carol Reed. Screening as part of a double feature with The Third Man.

4:50pm, 9:20pm, Music Box, 3733 N. Southport Ave., 773-871-6604

Dinner: Southport Grocery & Cafe This upscale food shop offers condiments, pasta, herbs, and the like along with a small assortment of reasonably priced wines and microbrews and a cooler of gourmet cheese and butter. Then there's the cafe, which features owner Lisa Santos's creative, seasonally changing takes on the standards.

3552 N. Southport Ave., 773-665-0100


Show: RUI: Reading Under the Influence This edition's theme: Love Hangover. The featured readers are Claire Zulkey (An Off Year), Aimee Perkins, Joe Deir, Barry Wightman, and Jaimee Wriston Colbert (Shark Girls).

7:30pm, Sheffield's, 3258 N. Sheffield Ave., 773-281-4989, $3

Dinner: Bolat African Cuisine Don't assume the big colorful balls of yam, cassava, and maize served at Bolat are just simple sides on a par with dinner rolls or mashed potatoes. Rather, amala (ground yam, purple and glutinous), fufu (beaten yam or cassava, white and firm), and kenkey (fermented maize) are integral to Ghanaian and Nigerian meals. Big as softballs, these doughy dumplings are to be ripped, shaped into small scoops, and used as eating utensils whose absorbency is a major consideration with many stews and soups served here.

3346 N. Clark, 773-665-1100

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