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Last Night's (And Early This Morning's) Winners & Losers


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Winners: GOP. The base of the reliably feckless state party managed to cast off feckless leader Andy McKenna and infamous rerun Jim Ryan for one of two unlikely picks. It's a sensible risk, insofar as a chance of winning is a better option than a likely respectable defeat.

Losers: Democrats. Lynn Sweet: "Giannoulias is the opponent the Republicans wanted." Meanwhile, Quinn and Hynes spent the short primary season trying to make the other the least wanted candidate. Unenthusiastic voters sent them to a draw. To paraphrase Craig Finn, killer primaries almost killed me.

Winner: Bill Brady. Illinois: it's big. Who knew? I didn't.

Losers: Jim Ryan. Turns out that railroading an innocent man to Death Row and then being a dick about it might prevent you from being governor (phew). And with a dignified and/or calculated - take your pick - example to follow in George Ryan, no less.

Winner: Adam Andrzejewski. I think Steve Rhodes called it: he bit off more than he could chew, but he chewed more than people thought he could (thanks in part to a push from the national right blogosphere), and despite a fifth-place finish might make sense as a local candidate. He did well in the city itself, finishing a close third behind Jim Ryan. With some party and media support, and without Dan Proft splitting the tea party vote, he'd probably have done even better. Update: Did his relatively prominent advertising on political Web sites help? I dunno, but I saw a lot of it.

Losers: Andy McKenna. I probably should have known, despite the polling, that when the state's biggest newspaper endorses you without really being able to figure out why, you're probably not going to win.

Winners: Rich Miller, Steve Rhodes. Hell of writers, livebloggers. Even if you don't agree with them, you should read them.

Losers: Trib editorial board. "Way to go!" "Rock their world!" Stop! I will only permit Tabitha Soren to talk to me like that about politics. Also: "rock your/his/her/their world" = make wild, passionate love to != unelect != anything to do with Andy McKenna in any context.

The Sun-Times is also weirdly congratulatory in the wake of Preckwinkle's victory. If voters have to be lavished with praise for retiring Todd Stroger we're in more trouble than I thought.

Winners: Tribune Election Center, WBEZ chatrooms. Outstanding job of data organization and programming by the city's young hacker journalists. Excellent work by @kategardiner, @brianboyer, @JoeGermuska, @ryanmark, @onyxfish.

Losers: Tribune Election Center. So much good data, but no one along the lines of a Rich Miller or a Steve Rhodes breaking it down as it poured in. Data-driven journalism has great potential, but it still needs a human touch, if only to make it more entertaining.

Winners: Mayor Daley, who gets to fill a third aldermanic position.

Losers: [fill in the blank]

Winners: Election lawyers. Let me know when the Brooks Brothers Riot Redux is scheduled for.

Losers: Voters. If turnout had been slightly less abysmal, we might have gubernatorial candidates now.

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