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Miles and Jessica Work the Odds: Who's Playing Pitchfork This Year?


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Tomorrow the first artists confirmed to play this year's Pitchfork fest will be announced, but it'll be months before the whole lineup is made public. Miles and I talked on IM about who we figured would end up booked for 2010, and our bets and wishful thoughts are after the jump.

I am in bold, Miles is not.

This morning, some industry elves confirmed to Greg Kot that Pavement and St. Vincent are on. File both under No Duh.

There is no way that P4K wouldn't be getting a piece of the Pavement reunion action.

If Pavement did Lolla instead it would have been embarrassing.

There would have been mass seppuku in the P4K offices in an attempt to save face.

St. Vincent isn't headliner status exactly, but who else are we thinking up at the top of the bill?

I have a strong Vampire Weekend feeling.

I think given that half the booking impetus here is P4K honcho Ryan Schreiber, and he is on record in a recent New Yorker with his disgust, I see them doing Lolla. They are well beyond the P4K grid this year and will capitalize.

Oh I missed that. Put them down for Lolla.

Time Out is speculating Newsom, but she has pretty much refused festivals across the board in the past.

Newsom would guarantee a higher proportion of ladies in the park.

I just looked at Hold Steady dates and they won't have a record out before Lolla, so I might see them doing P4K again. Also they are not slated for Chicago on the spring dates that just got announced. My money is on Hold Steady in the Yo La Tengo/Mission of Burma "annual" appearance slot.

Highly possible. They're like Pitchfork "classic."

Who else is top-of-the-bill worthy this early into the year? Animal Collective? Did they headline last year?

I was just going to say Animal Collective, but I was imagining it as a four-hour Dead-style jam.They were on 2008.

C'mon, people would love that laser show shit at night, plus AC have only been here once since early 2009. OK, AC Saturday headliner.

What odds will you give me on a token dubstep guy?

None. Beach House, Sleigh Bells, Girls, maybe Autechre, any/every band with "wood" in its name. Who is enough of a dubstep name for the general population to warrant a flight from England?

Caspa. Sorta name recognition to non-dubstep freaks but isn't as secretive as Burial, who I'm guessing would prefer to hide.

Also, I see Pavement wanting a friend or two on, my guess is Quasi.

Quasi's a good call. Plus new record out. I like them because they're just getting weirder all the time.

My guess for other headliner is Phoenix. We have not touched on rap or metal acts. Who is scheduled for a rap comeback this year? Anyone other than Freeway?

Oh fuck, if they got Freeway that would be bonkers.

I’d love that, but will Freeway draw more than 180 people in Chicago? If he's in, he's on before 3 PM.

Playing to a bored audience waiting for Beach House.


Oh Passion Pit. That one is a "duh" too. Julian Casablancas?

I think he is too damaged goods, last album was ass and he costs too much.

I think Casablancas still has some rock-star pull. He is now considered classic rock.

Major Lazer is also my bet for the world/other category big name.

Major Lazer could bring out some really good guest stars.

Who else? The old people? Rap? Biggies? The shoe-ins: Surfer Blood, YACHT, Washed Out.

Neon Indian? Kurt Vile.

Of course, both.

How much chillwave do you think will be involved this year?

Like the XX?

I love the XX but I'm afraid they would melt in the sun.

The XX are also heinous live and P4K is pretty serious about booking good live acts and bad acts that are good live.

I will definitely give them that.

More specific suggestions! My other shoo-ins: Dirty Projectors, playing Bitte Orca in reverse.
Mayer Hawthorne for soul act.

DP were on in 2008. Too soon?

Nope. Think about the frequency of the returns of Les Savy Fav, Mission, Yo La, Tortoise, Xiu Xiu, the National. Those bands have played, like, every single year.


Tune-Yards if they are smart

Tune-Yards would be good. The Big Pink?

Not enough draw and too expensive unless they are already here on tour, and since they are Euro, my money is on them doing EU festivals in the summer. Was Sunn 0))) on last year?

They don't appear to have ever played.

OK, Sunn 0))) as Sunday support headliner, with the mirror glove and laser fingers.

I mean with the mirror/laser thing they really have to book them.

THE DRUMS, also file under "DUH."

Oh shit. I forgot about them because I AM CONSTANTLY TRYING TO FORGET THEY EVER EXISTED.

What do you think the chance of them getting Thom Yorke's solo band is? How much do you think that costs? Like 400,000 Euros? After all those years of bitching about flying and the toll on the environment, he's everywhere in America now.

It wouldn't happen. Thom Yorke would cause a stampede.

Come on man, I am making all the suggestions here.

I'm looking at the Pitchfork news site! Charlotte Gainsbourg?

Does she even play live?

Dunno. But if she does I wouldn't be surprised if they booked her.

She's star power, but doesn't have a draw worth money. Has Grizzly Bore already headlined?

GB was subheadliner under the Flaming Lips last year. Did you even go last year?

Dude, I was on tour, I was there for half of one day and I got engaged that morning and all I remember was the many ice cream bars I ate and watching Fucked Up and showing people my ring. I feel like Grizzly Bear/Flaming Lips is every year. Also, Best Coast third stage FTW.

Lupe hasn't played yet. Supposed to have a record out. (Same as forever.) Hits the token local/rap niche.

But he opened like, second year, or was that Intonation?


For local rap, my money is on the Cool Kids. P4K doesn't rep local past 2:30 PM and Lupe isn't an opener. Who is the awesome guy from Gary with 1,000 mix tapes? They should get him.

Freddie Gibbs.


I don't know. He might be a little too raw for the P4K Nation and he doesn't have a Clipse-style anti-ghetto pass quite yet.

He has mix tapes and is credible and they could afford him


Word is bond. Next?

Looking through old Pitchfork fest lineups is like traveling through time. Do you remember Klaxons?

The XX are the Klaxons of '10. Alright, who would you really like to see this year? Give me five, including at least one reunion.

Anyone or just bands that I think have a chance of getting booked?

Like, fantasy/boner lineup. And please do not say original lineup Sublime, I know they are your faves.

Davila 666, Flying Lotus, Buraka Som Sistema, Cold Cave, and Mudhoney doing Superfuzz Bigmuff. Boom. And you?

I cosign on FL, Buraka—kind of the best show we saw last year, right?—and Mudhoney.

We are in the midst of a grunge revival! It's possible!

My five starts with the best show I think I will see this year: Cap'n Jazz.

Oh shit! Good one.

The Ex, with G.W. Sok reinstated as singer. Crass reunion headlines on Friday, with MC Lyte supporting doing Lyte As a Rock. And an epic all-night set from Omar S. Polemic meltdown and dancing, that’s what I want. With Fever Ray doing Omar's encore.

AAAHH! Your festival would destroy minds. I mean that in the best possible way. Absolutely killer. I would buy a three-day pass.

Pitchfork is ten days before my baby's due date. You know I am just going to be parked in front of—what is the treat—the greasy dough with the sugar on it? That thing. I will watch every band from that line.

Isn't that how you watch the fest usually, posted up at the funnel cake wagon?

Yes. I can't make them at home. I have to wait for Pitchfork every year.

Prenatal attendance at the Pitchfork fest will earn your baby much cred.

OK, parting thoughts?

I hope that there is something interesting happening on the other stage while Beach House is playing.

If not, I say we steal a golf cart and go wilding.

That is exactly what we're going to do.