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Bovine Intervention


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Chicago Tribune, September 26, 1859. The obscene handbills in question could have addressed any number of medical services: cures for STDs, restoration of lost virility (commonly caused by "self-abuse"), abortion. As for the "cow nuisance": what's the big deal, right? Everyone knows cows are placid and harmless creatures.

Not to mention the menace that boy cows present to the city's china shops.

I love it that a primary argument against allowing cows in the city center is that they mess with people’s gardens. We’re talking about a very different Chicago here. As for the "nearly ruined" child, let's presume ruination here is not meant in the common 19th-century sense of "seduced and abandoned."

This herdsman, would he be an employee of the city? Sounds suspiciously like socialism to me.

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