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Know When to Fold 'Em


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You really couldn't pick a better time to end your campaign besides a Sunday night during the Super Bowl*.

* About which just a couple things:

1. It was an okay game, not a great one, but I did appreciate the goal-line stand and the onside kick. Sean Payton is my Super Bowl MVP.

2. I feel like the Who were sort of the end of the line for halftime shows featuring bands everyone theoretically likes. Since next year the big game is in Dallas, I am expecting country (Faith Hill: 3-1; Tim McGraw: 5-1; Brad Paisley: 10-1) but I'd just as soon go back to the days of marching bands. The obvious pop choice would be either Kanye or Lady Gaga, but I can't see the schoolmarms who run the broadcast getting behind either, even though the latter would be like the Cremaster cycle for the rest of us.

3. For instance re schoolmarmism:

CBS has rejected another Super Bowl ad, this time for telling viewers to "Go to Hell."

The trailer for the epic Electronic Arts' game "Dante's Inferno" contains plenty of scenes of a warrior fighting beasts in the netherworld. But it was the game's widely used marketing tagline that had CBS seeing red.

The commercial will still air, only with the tagline "Hell Awaits" instead.

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