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Get Off My Lawn!


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Grand Rapids Evening Press, August 28, 1895. I'll go out on a limb here and hypothesize that Mr. Bush had some anger issues. Though maybe it was somehow built into his name: I could totally see Barbara Bush busting the exact same move if she had access to a syringe full of sulphuric acid.

But in Barney's defense, people threw acid on each other at this time as casually as we now say "hello." They threw acid on their exes, spouses, parents, children, landlords, tenants, bosses, employees and co-workers, and on random passersby too. If they weren't throwing acid, it was probably because they were throwing lye, which is a base but has pretty much the same effect. To see what I mean, check out the acid attack thread over at The Hope Chest.

Anyway, rest assured that Barney Bush received his full comeuppance, as we see from this follow-up coverage from the Chicago Tribune:

So there you go: $12.50 per child. Not at all prohibitive, really.

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