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The Perils of Booking a Supervillain



By all accounts the Doom concert at the Congress Theater on Saturday—which had the potential to be a top-shelf rap show, and had people buzzing more than any Chicago hip-hop event in recent memory—turned out to be a pileup of ever more serious problems, starting with the restless, impatient crowd that hassled the opening acts and peaking with what appeared to be an imposter Doom coming out way too late to an audience that was by then just straight-up pissed.

After two days of grumbling from attendees who feel burnt, promoter Harry Knuckles from Cold Grums Productions, who set up the show, has given his side of the story on the message board of local hip-hop label Galapagos4. After reading it, I have to say I feel bad for the guy. The shit he's had to deal with is a promoter's worst nightmare.

Knuckles knew about Doom's reputation for using stand-ins, and he insists that Doom's booking agent repeatedly assured him that Cold Grums was getting the legitimate, actual Doom, aka Daniel Dumile. In fact he's not positive that the guy who showed up wasn't Dumile:

[E]ven now we can't prove that wasn't Daniel Dumile. Here's how shit went down that night. it was an all-in deal so they booked all their own flights and hotel and ground trans. Doom sent his dj to do soundcheck, just line checks, so it's understandable and common that the prima-donna (sp?) headliners don't bother to check themselves. Like Mos, he was maaaad late to his set times and from what I hear from the agent, he is just super secretive and anti-social. So we're thinking "ok, Mos is here, and this is just part of Doom's mystique" Then, Doom's crew pulls up 15 people deep. Everybody comes out of the car except for Doom. Again, according to the agent, this is typical Doom. Then just as his set is supposed to start, dood jumps out of the car, runs in behind his huge hypeman, grabs a mic and runs on stage. At no point did we have time to fingerprint him or draw blood for inspection. And IMO, seriously, the dood looked like him, like Zev Love X. yes it was pretty obvious that the guy was lip-syncing, but we can't say that it wasn't Dumile. If Dumile lip-syncs because he is too fat, alcoholic and out of breath to spit his own verse, I guess that's what it has come to now.

If there's a performance-art aspect to this, as Doom's stauncher defenders have insisted, then maybe he's running some sort of experiment to see how thoroughly he can turn a slavishly devoted fan base against him. So far he's doing a pretty spectacular job.

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