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Dinner & a Show: Monday, 2/22



Taken By Trees Victoria Bergsman
  • Taken By Trees

Show: Taken by Trees, the solo project of former Concretes lead singer Victoria Bergsman, opens for El Perro del Mar in support of East of Eden, a lovely pop album recorded in Lahore, Pakistan, with local musicians.

8 PM, Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln, 773-525-2501, $15.

Dinner: Maza Despite the upscale feel, the menu is down-to-earth. There are plenty of familiar appetizers, like falafel, kibbe, hummus, and baba ghanoush, but the winner is the ful modammas — a generous bowl of mashed fava beans, dill, parsley, and fresh tomatoes tossed in extra-virgin olive oil with lots of lemon juice and garlic.

2748 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-929-9600

Show: Free Live Podcast at Hungry Brain Tonight's live show features Alex and Francis White of the garage band White Mystery, Playboy.com editor Scott Smith, comedian Brendan McGowan, and ivory-tickler Jeremy Tromburg.

8pm, Hungry Brain, 2319 W. Belmont Ave., 773-935-2118, 21+, free

Dinner: 90 Miles Cuban Cafe "It’s impressive that such a tiny spot--it’s counter seating only--can turn out such an array so well, including full dinner plates and specials such as rice and black bean congris, sides like fried yuca, sweet or green plantains, and papas rellenas, and omelets, plus tropical fruit shakes and de rigueur Cuban coffee," writes Mike Sula.

3101 N. Clybourn Ave., 773-248-2822


Show: Within Our Gates Said to be the earliest extant feature directed by an African-American, this 1920 made-in-Chicago film is of more than historical interest. "Though the narrative structure is somewhat choppy, director Oscar Micheaux otherwise demonstrates mastery of the silent form, using supple compositions and careful editing to amplify the characters' emotions in a manner that makes sound seem superfluous," writes Fred Camper.

9:15pm, Univ. of Chicago Doc Films, 1212 E. 59th St., 773-702-8575

Dinner: Rajun Cajun This vegetarian-friendly place has burgers-and-dawgs decor, fast-food prices, and a menu that combines Indian and soul food.

1459 E. 53rd St., 773-955-1145