Whence Come These Dogs? | Bleader

Whence Come These Dogs?


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San Jose Evening News, September 17, 1890. Before I get hostile email from the "I ♥ My Measly Little Terrier" crowd, let me explain that the views expressed in this clipping do not represent those of the management of this blog. I'm sure your doggies are very nice, and equal in every way to the beautiful and intelligent setter.

Seems pretty clear that these dogs are using the Twilight Bark to publicize the designated dying grounds. But why? Did they somehow get wind of the legend of the elephants' graveyard and say "We gotta get a piece of that action"?
This is like Go Dog, Go! as re-imagined by Edgar Allen Poe. "Big dogs and little dogs, old dogs and sick dogs, dogs with palsied shanks and hot, dry noses. Where are they all going? Why are they crawling under that house? Will they work there? Will they play there? No! They are all going to an endless, mass dog funeral!"
Yep: simply a controversion of all of nature's known laws. Mystery solved.