Poor Kids: Not a Powerful Voting Bloc | Bleader

Poor Kids: Not a Powerful Voting Bloc


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Very few conservatives said they favored reducing (or cutting out altogether) spending on any program. The least popular program proved to be childcare — with a grand total of 20 percent of conservatives saying they’d slash it.

[In second place is public schooling.]


Illinois' payroll has been shrinking for years now and few state agencies have been slimmed down more than the departments of Human Services and Children and Family Services.


What amounts to a preliminary budget posted at midday on the state's Web site calls for enormous spending cuts in education, with significant reductions in human services, public safety and other non-health care spending.


One reason schools are being hit so hard is because the state is losing $922 million in federal stimulus funding for education that was available in 2010 but is not being offered in 2011, at least now.

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