Denied! | Bleader



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I guess I can't complain about being ignored anymore.

Yesterday afternoon I wrote about how I'd been trying for nearly four months to get Mayor Daley's people to set up a time when we at the Reader could sit down with him to talk about privatization, tax increment financing, transparency in the city budgeting process, and other issues we've been writing about for years—and which he's discussed with other members of the media since last fall.

A couple hours later I received an e-mail from Vanessa Hall, the mayor's scheduler and assistant press secretary. It got right to the point:


We respectfully decline your request for an interview.

Thank you.

I've since e-mailed and called her back to ask why the mayor won't join us for an interview—and why it took 110 days to let us know.

I haven't heard back.

So I'll just have to ask the mayor our questions in this public forum.

Here's one: What exactly have you discussed—and with whom—about the possibility of privatizing all or part of our water and sewer system? Your friend and privatization adviser John Schmidt—who was open-minded and courteous enough to debate his ideas with us in print—thinks it should be on the table. So where do you stand, and what exactly have you done about it?