It's OK, Gays: Rep. Nancy Elliot Wants Straight People to Be Unhappy, Too



In this week's edition of Savage Love, Dan Savage... well, he can put it better than I can: "Excrement is for anal what Representative Elliot is for the New Hampshire state legislature." It's in reference to Rep. Nancy Elliot's, um, anal argument against gay marriage (vid at the link). If you haven't seen it, it's a minor classic of political crazy.

Now you're probably thinking, wow, she must really have it out for the gays. But no! She has it out for everyone. If you're really interested in the Very Deep Thoughts of Nancy Elliot, you can find even more in this 2007 public access video (after the jump) in which she lays out her argument for ridding New Hampshire of no-fault divorce. It's boring, sure, but a remarkable document of lunacy. The part where one of her interviewers makes the "libertarian" case against no-fault divorce - because libertarians want government out of your business! - may be the final nail in that term.

I think my favorite part is when Elliot says "try asking your mortgage lender if you can get out of your loan [on the basis of] 'irreconcilable differences.'" Ah, love. (In a just world, obviously, gay marriage would be legal and mortgage lenders couldn't fuck you in the ass.)

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