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I.D. & Baobinga Help UK Funky With Its Branding Problem


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I get why some people have a problem with putting a genre tag on every possible substyle of music. They're intellectual shortcuts, they do a disservice to idiosyncratic artists, they inspire trend chasing among listeners rather than actual appreciation, and they contribute to snobbery. Normally I don't see much reason to rage against them myself, as they're often a big help when I'm confronted with a tight word count. But I make an exception for UK funky. Worst genre name ever. Ever. It's so bad that it honestly makes me angry. I'm actually a little pissed off right now.

However, the music itself is really good, combining four-on-the-floor house beats with African-style polyrhythms, which it turns out is a completely excellent idea. Almost excellent enough to make up for the name.

I bring this all up because UK funky (ugh, I said it again) is one of several electronic-music styles diced and tossed on I.D. & Baobinga's new album, Bass Music Sessions, along with dubstep, hip-hop, drum 'n' bass, and plain old house. It's a pretty effective distillation of everything good happening in UK dance music right now, and it will satisfy your bass cravings, whatever they might be.

The duo has released the album as a pay-what-you-want download, which isn't exactly groundbreaking at this point but deserves to be mentioned for two reasons. One, they've documented the process of making the album and their reasons for going with this pay model on a blog. And two, all profits will be donated to the Dove House Hospice in Hull, which makes going for the "don't pay anything" option feel like a real dick move.


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