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Moolaadé and My Daughter the Terrorist


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  • Moolaade

A woman defies her village in Burkina Faso and casts a spell to protect four girls from ritual circumcision in Ousmane Sembene's 2004 drama Moolaadé, screening for free, Tuesday 3/9 in the College of DuPage's Women's Rights Day Film Festival.

"Among Sembene's strengths as a storyteller are deceptive simplicity and apparent looseness, which allow his drama to steadily gather momentum and political force," Jonathan Rosenbaum writes.

Beate Arnestad's 2007 inside look at Sri Lanka's recently defeated Tamil Tiger rebels, My Daughter the Terrorist, screens at 5 PM. Moolaadé screens at 7:30. At McAninch Arts Center, 425 Fawell Blvd., Glen Ellyn.

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