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The key to winning at life isn't getting all the toys or outliving all your enemies. The key to winning at life is to doing whatever it is you're doing like it's the best thing in the whole wide world. If every moment of your life totally kicks ass, you are the king of the world even if your job is standing on the side of the road holding signs advertising cheap pizza.

Video evidence after the jump.

Note: Before you play the video below, mute the sound and open this link in another tab so you can hear real Slayer and not bad fake Slayer.

This guy kind of reminds me of the bit from one of Salinger's stories about the Glass family where they talk about a monk who attempts to live life in a state of constant prayer, except with "prayer" replaced by "rocking out."

As my friend CJ noted when he sent this to me, "I would buy ten pizzas from him."


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