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Polyvore: Paper Dolls for Grown-Ups



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As the user/reader becomes more dominant in fashion, and street style continues to exert influence on trends, traditional fashion magazines have taken note.

In the New Yorker's new Style Issue, Alexandra Jacobs notes that "the American woman has not waited to be told what to wear in some time. Vogue and Bazaar now compete with the more populist shopping magazines, like InStyle and Lucky, whose low-key editors have replaced lush, fantastical spreads with practical shopping advice and catalogue-style layouts."

Jacobs's piece looks at Polyvore, where you can clip and combine images of clothes and accessories from all over the Web.

It offers all the fun of being a stylist without having to actually get (and return) pieces or deal with autocratic editors, cranky models, or libidinous photographers. You could argue that there's even an artistic component to it too—a more sophisticated version of teenagers' posterboard collages.