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Et Tu, Neko?


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At the beginning of the month Cartoon Network's Adult Swim put eight pilots of new animated-short series up on its Web site and allowed viewers to vote for their favorite, promising to award the winner a slot in the programming block. That winner turned out to be Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge, which features among its voice actors T-Pain, Doom, and Neko Case, who plays the titular thong-baring, coke-bingeing, very Britney-esque pop starlet. With a cast like that, you might be tempted to get excited. Which is a bummer, because the show is a fucking drag.

I get offensive humor. I like offensive humor, if it carries some sort of underlying message, or even if it's just well executed. Doug Stanhope, for instance, says things that run exactly counter to some of my closest-held beliefs, and I think he's funny as shit.

But Cheyenne Cinnamon is basically a one-joke show, or maybe a one-and-a-half-joke show if you think "chicks are dumb" and "pop-star chicks are even dumber" add up to more than one. The protagonist of the pilot episode is a teenager who got knocked up by her softball coach. Cheyenne Cinnamon is a vapid Barbie doll who rolls around in piles of cocaine and sings about preserving your virginity by having ass sex. You could argue that the other characters are likewise broadly drawn caricatures of terrible people, but that kind of falls apart when you consider what tiny amounts of screen time those characters get. Also, why are you defending this awful show?

Even worse than the woman-hating humor is the unfunniness of the woman-hating humor. It's 2010 and someone's really trying to wring comedy out of Britney Spears and ass-sex "abstinence"? These days the only people who care about Britney are gay men, women who were 14 in 1999, and dudes who still think it's funny to like her ironically. The music—by pre-eminent hack Butch Walker—is straight-up Oops! . . . I Did It Again, but we're living in a Gaga world these days. And the idea of Baptist girls trying to keep their v-cards by doing it back-door style stopped being funny in a "LOL XTIANS" way a while ago, when it became clear that it was less a religious phenomenon and more a generalized symptom of the country's dangerously backward approach to sex education.

But anyhow the people have spoken, and Cheyenne Cinnamon is getting picked up by Adult Swim. It premieres Sunday night. Luckily I don't have cable so there's not much chance of accidentally tuning in.


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