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All Videos Should Be by Loke Wilson


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A convincing case can be made that all music videos should be by Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, or both. Their work is strange and unsettling and achieves brilliance with a frequency that few music-video directors can match. Occasionally their videos even make something resembling sense in relation to the song itself.

But what I consider an equally persuasive argument can be made that all video-making duties, at least for the remainder of the calendar year, should be handled by a middle-aged electronic-music enthusiast from Norway you've never heard of. Also, he has a goatee.

Making assumptions about an artist's intent is generally a critical no-no, but that said, I'm not picking up any irony vibes from that video. (Or from the video where he catalogs his collection of instruments and recording gear, or from his Web site.) Dude seems totally pumped about the fact that he can do his own green screen or whatever, and he's right to be—the fact that technology can allow one guy, by himself, to record a song and direct a music video for it is really great.

The first thing that becomes clear as you watch is that this guy, Loke Wilson, has either rejected some of the basic principles of music-video directing or was never aware of them in the first place, and as a consequence he's come up with something as strange and fascinating as the output of professional weirdos like Tim & Eric. But soon that becomes secondary to the simple fact that he made himself a really rad video and he's stoked. People like Wilson are to the world's cheap ironists what the triumphal Success Blog is to the dreary Fail Blog.

In fact he goes beyond unironic to become anti-ironic—as in, his genuineness can actually obliterate other people's irony. I like to imagine that every time someone enjoys the way Loke Wilson's videos demonstrate the honest joy of the creative act the Cocorosie sisters feel a little dizzy and have to sit down.

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