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Asian Carp at Lockwood After All


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I know I reported last week that Phillip Foss decided not to to put his Crisp Paupiette of Asian Carp in Barolo Sauce on the menu at Lockwood because the fish had such a high cost-to-yield ratio. That's still true--but after inquiries from certain unnamed persons of influence, Foss has done gone and changed his mind.

Tonight he's running an $18 Good Friday special: slow-roasted Asian carp, Provencal beans with crabmeat, grilled radicchio, fennel, and aioli.

Even better, Foss says he'll be giving away the dish to 12 people who write him at "expressing what [your] religious, spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof, means to you" in 143 words or less.

Winners will be announced at 4:30 PM. Go get it.