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The Daily [New Orleans] Picayune, April 29, 1883. Kate Field was a celebrated journalist, lecturer and actress. For a time she had her own weekly magazine, Kate Field's Washington, which I think is where Oprah and Martha Stewart both nicked the idea. Dunno enough about her life to speculate on her orientation, but she never married and definitely wasn't into dudes.


Yeah, if republicanism means having a lot of well-dressed young men around, let's by all means go back to the monarchy.
A proposition for the extinction of dudes? Golly, we're heading into Mary Daly territory here.
Beats me why she had to go all the way to China for an example, when comparable practices were routine in her own homeland, and without the gender discrimination too. But one can see why she was seen as a caution and a character in her day.
God, will you just look at that fucking hipster.


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