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Silly Women With Too Many Shoes


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The big news on my guilty-pleasure AM radio show the other morning was a study that found that two in five women own more than 50 pairs of shoes. You can practically feel the wind generated by all the people out there judgmentally shaking their heads. If you don't, check out the comments section ("50 pairs of shoes and one pair of feet. Just goes to show the addictive power of consumerism"). But hey—if a lady really likes shoes, and she's not going into debt or depriving her family of food to pay for them, what’s wrong with that?

I’m so tired of the dusty old “women and shoes” cliché, because it is so often used as implied evidence that women spend too much money on dumb stuff. You never hear many statistics about how much men spend on electronic gadgets or their cars or sports tickets or whatever. Not to mention that in general women are expected to look attractive at all times, and that includes dressing well, which costs money. Money that, a lot of the time, we earn ourselves. So please, let’s put an end to this tired theme in our consumer culture.

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