The Langert Murders: Back in the News | Bleader

The Langert Murders: Back in the News


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I was wondering why an old post of mine about the Langert murders shot to the top of our most-read list. Turns out the Tribune did a 20th anniverary retrospective on the case, which is really interesting; Jeanne Bishop, sister of victim Nancy Bishop Langert, became a public defender in the wake of the case, and her sister Jennifer Bishop Jenkins founded the National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Lifers and is running for a seat on the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

If you're further interested in the case, I can't recommend John Conroy's 1992 Reader feature story highly enough. Aside from the tragedy itself, the investigation into the murder—which would eventually lead just two blocks from the police station to deeply troubled 16-year-old Winnetka resident David Biro—turned into a wild goose chase in which the FBI investigated the possibility that the Irish Republican Army had intended to kill or send a message to Jeanne Bishop, a high-powered corporate attorney and a human-rights advocate with an ongoing interest in Northern Ireland . . . a theory that one source believed originated with a fake death threat against Bishop prior to the murders that came about as part of a fishing expedition for information about the IRA. It's one of the oddest and most compelling true-crime stories I've ever read.