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Pavement Tour Diary: Osaka, Japan


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The Pavement tour continues with a travel day to Osaka. One of my favorite things on tour in Japan is getting to take the Shinkansen between cities. What I wouldn't give for such a wonderful way to travel in the States! Three hours to Osaka, Japan's second-biggest city. It's totally different than Tokyo, much less "hip" in both the positive and negative connotations of the word; if Tokyo is the LA of Japan, Osaka is its Chicago. Osaka is famous for a few things: its octopus balls, okonomiyaki, and the Hanshin Tigers!

Pavement makes some new friends
  • Pavement makes some new friends

The Tigers have their own problems that Cubs die-hards can relate to, but they have the craziest fans—with constant cheers, trumpets, drums, and huge flags waving every second. Still, you wouldn't believe how clean the stadium is! Curry and fried shrimps everywhere, a constant stream of girls in pink Asahi outfits pouring glasses of beer, and hot sake on a chilly spring night.

Four-dollar hot sake in the bleachers!
  • Four-dollar hot sake in the bleachers!

And who knew that Matt Murton was playing center field and batting leadoff? It's worth going to a game here for the seventh-inning stretch. Everyone has huge balloons with whistles and lets them all off together—pretty incredible.

Go Tigers!
  • Go Tigers!

Took the express train home (102 km!) and headed straight to the okonomiyaki joint . . .

See you at Coachella?

You guys need another?
  • You guys need another?

Spiral on the subway
  • Spiral on the subway

okonomiyaki on the grill
  • okonomiyaki on the grill

Jeremy also posts on Twitter and is probably on the road right now. . . .

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