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Ladies in ultra-conservative professions have a trying time when it comes to dress codes. See, for instance, this report on a "What Not to Wear" fashion show held by the American Bar Association in our fair city from (via Jezebel), which sent two legal bloggers to cover it. If you thought your office was strict, check this out:

The chorus of female attorneys added some caveats: make sure your suit is not too fitted, wear flats, wear minimal jewelry, wear minimal makeup, do not wear hair in a pony-tail, do not wear hair down in a distracting way, wear pantyhose, do not wear open-toe shoes (especially in front of a jury says Justice Goldgar), do not wear peep-toe shoes, and do not wear dark nail polish (avoid burgundy, cautioned Professor Collins). Wear a shirt under your suit that is not too tight, not low-cut, not bright colored, not patterned, not ruffle-y, and not too feminine. Finally, when going on a job interview, do not carry a recognizable brand-name handbag because you are trying to project the image that you need money. Oh, and do not wear your engagement ring if it is large because it may anger your women interviewers and cause jealousy (and perhaps rage).

In other words, don't have the bad luck to be a woman.

While I understand a conservative dress code, I have never understood the insistence on skirt suits. If women's inherent sexiness is so distracting in the office that they can't wear their hair down (or up) or dark nail polish, why make them show their legs? And then force them to buy pantyhose so you can't actually see them.

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