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Widespread in America



Grand Forks Herald, May 8, 1910. The Edwardian era had its garden variety libertines and seducers, but Oom the Omnipotent was operating on an entirely separate plane. Though it was also a pretty crowded plane, according to this reportage.

I don't actually see any evidence of a promise to marry here, but maybe that was the statute that prosecutors had to work with. Perhaps a new law against "scientific seduction" was called for.
Murder in every respect save the physical also strikes me as an important qualification.
The smooth and prescient bastard used phenomenology to talk her out of her dainties. That's a line of chat that wouldn't fully come into its own until the 1960s.
Hmm: Another nautch for Oom's bedpost. Again, marriage per se seems not to have been promised, however.
Your mind or your maidenhead: that's some dirty, lowdown coercion, no doubt. No mention as to whether everybody in class was wearing those stylish commedia dell'arte masks with the feathers, but let's just assume they were. Despite this early exposure, the sinister and numerous Order of Tantrik Worship succeeded in going underground again for decades. I believe you can still meet their successors at the Burning Man Festival.