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Ferry Man, Take Me Home


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Kansas City Times, July 18, 1914. Here's a ripping little yarn, packed with suspense and and enobled by admirable display of coolheadedness on the part of a Missouri state senator.

Hot dog! This reminds of the excellent opening sequence to Night of the Living Dead where the exhausted old geezer runs up to the girl in the cemetary and just says "Sorry!"
That word in the subheadline that starts with D is "dirk," by the way. I know the resolution is spotty here. Makes an arresting image either way, of course.
Okay, that's scary, but also kind of a plus.
Oh well played, Senator Greene. This is exactly the kind of man we need in public service. The bleeding man probably wasn't one of his constituents.
Man, these subheadlines are like titles in an old silent movie. You can just hear the agitated piano music.
I guess people used to be much more accepting of this kind of eccentricity. "Say, there's zany old Enoch up on his horse, terrorizing wayfarers with his dirk again. He is a caution! Best wake up the sheriff I 'spose."