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One Bite: the Gyro Jibarito


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Like chocoate and peanut butter
  • Like chocoate and peanut butter

If this were my creation I would call it the Gyrobarito and trademark it, but what the folks at Thamara Dominican Restaurant lack in branding savvy they more than make up for in innovative spirit.

This tiny Logan Square joint offers a mishmash of fast-food sandwiches and comida criolla. So doesn't it seem only right and natural that they'd offer such a wholly unnatural sandwich mutation? That's right, this is the typical iconic smashed-plantain sandwich—onions, tomato, shredded iceberg, melty cheese, and mayo—only instead of steak you have a pile of shavings from the molded mystery meat cone.

You might be tempted to think of this as one of those wonderful collisions of worlds—Greece and Puerto Rico sitting in a tree—but in fact, this is entirely a hometown innovation, as both jibaritos and gyros—the mass-produced kind—are Chicago inventions. Hold your head up high.

How is it? Just as unwieldy as a regular jibarito, with the same extremely short shelf life. I finished the arroz con gandules that came on the side. The second half of the sandwich I'm donating to the Smithsonian.

Thamara Dominican Restaurant, 2200. N. Kimball, 773-292-5400


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