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100 Minutes of Silence



On June 1 last year local singer and guitarist Stephanie Morris, who played with Dianogah and the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir in addition to working as a solo artist, committed suicide. This weekend her husband, photographer and artist Nathan Keay, is presenting a new site-specific sound installation in the home they shared (and where he still lives) as a memorial to her.

“-1” consists of 100 minutes of "silence," recorded since Morris's death in their home and in locations significant to the couple—snippets of what life sounds like without her—which will be played in a simultaneous, nonsynchronized collage on one hundred speakers placed around their home. Keay bought speakers of varying size and quality at thrift stores around Chicago over the past year, and 50 MP3 players will each contain a pair of minute-long recordings. Of the work Keay writes, "Silence is not always what we think it is. Silence can be the absence of sound; an accustomed sound gone or the loss of a voice. Absolute silence is hard to come by. These sounds are what are left." There's an obvious connection to John Cage, because there won’t really be any silence; instead, there will be a rich tapestry of ambient sound, a poignant demonstration of absence.

The piece is presented in conjunction with Third Floor Gallery, a new “itinerant curatorial project based in Chicago.” It will run just two days this week, on Friday from 6-9 PM and on Saturday from noon-4 PM, at Keay's home, 3733 W. Eddy St. #2.

Today's playlist:

Giuseppi Logan Quintet, The Giuseppi Logan Quintet (Tompkins Square)
Emanuele Cisi, The Age of Numbers (Auand)
Q-Tip, Kamaal the Abstract (Jive/Battery)
John Blum with Sunny Murray and William Parker, In the Shade of the Sun (Ecstatic Peace)
Dan Effland Group, Last Call (no label)