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Kraftwerk Before They Were "Kraftwerk"


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Did you know that before their transformation into technobots Kraftwerk made mind-blowing, superheavy Krautjazz? I didn't either, until electro-noise artist and uberhelpful Reckless Records employee Jim Magas recommended the blog of Blastitude webzine publisher Larry Dolman on Twitter. Back in March Dolman posted a Weird Band Alert with a video of an early version of the group performing on German TV to a room of extremely cool-looking German hipsters.

Flute madness after the jump.

It's no accident that even hardcore Kraftwerk fans are rarely aware of this phase of the group's existence. The three records Ralf und Florian made before they developed the electronics-heavy sound they introduced on Autobahn have fallen down the memory hole: they've never been released on CD, Kraftwerk's supposedly career-spanning box set The Catalogue starts at Autobahn, and none of the Kraftwerk "discography" sets I've found on BitTorrent sites includes them. Maybe they're embarrassed of being the sickest flute-and-organ group ever? I don't get it.

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