What's He Trying to Sell Me? | Bleader

What's He Trying to Sell Me?


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Maybe my worldview is cynical and suspicious, but I definitely look at any viral video with the default assumption that it's the work of a marketing group. One of the more obvious signs that a viral video is a PR stunt is the prominent placement of a product. Keeping that in mind, what might this video (after the jump) of a guy having an apparently ecstasy-fueled one-man rave in his living room be trying to sell?

Some ideas:

- A new type of fast-acting ecstasy.

- Hipster Runoff Genre Shirts.

- A Crystal Castles record.

- A St. Vincent record. (Which would make for a truly epic non sequitur.)

- A brand of underwear that won't fall down while you're having one-man underwear raves.

- A pill that counteracts any desire, whether natural or drug-induced, to put videos of yourself doing embarrassing things on the Internet.