Altar-ed State | Bleader

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Duluth News, April 14, 1904. I've actually run into this phenomenon personally. Ages ago I lived in a boarding house that had previously been an evangelical commune, and lots of the residents from the old regime still lived there. One of my housemates, a woman, knew it was God's will that she and one of my male housemates get married and make a mess of babies. The problem was that he was one of those "recovered" homosexuals, and his enthusiasm for this divinely-mandated agenda was well under control. Though that wasn't the case with his crush on yours truly (I was much prettier way back then).

"Not on the square" is a nice bit of idiom that needs to be put back into circulation stat. Next time you find yourself about to say "not on the level," reach for "not on the square" instead.
Well God bless them for saving her face and sparing her feelings like that.
At least up until this point she did. I can't imagine the whole episode did much for her prospects on the marriage market, poor thing.

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