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Bean-Free Zone at Channel Nine


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Media writer Phil Rosenthal noted in the Tribune Wednesday that WGN-TV and L.L. Bean have struck up a mutually beneficial relationship. The company provides the reporters with jackets bearing its logo, and in return it gets an onscreen credit each week.

News director Greg Caputo told Rosenthal he has no problem with these terms, and he said it makes no difference to him whether the reporters wear the jackets or cover up the L.L. Bean logo. Rosenthal reported:

"I don't care what they do," [Caputo] said, adding WGN does not cover L.L. Bean as a company and Tribune Co. lawyers vetted the deal.

WGM dpesn't cover L.L. Bean? OK, I believe that — I've lived in Chicago a long time and I don't remember a single WGN story on L.L. Bean. But I'd have assumed this has been a de facto kind of thing, explained by L.L. Bean's relentless failure to do anything WGN regards as newsworthy. Apparently it's now a de jure hands-off policy. Let's hope there's no extra-alarm fire at their Old Orchard outlet that would otherwise lead the nine o'clock news.

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