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In print: Bleeding Heart Bakery's cupcake book


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Michelle and Vinny Garcia of Bleeding Heart Bakery just came out with a new book, a compact little number called Who You Callin' Cupcake, featuring 75 "in-your-face recipes that reinvent the cupcake." I am all for this. While it's unlikely I'll ever make the "Chicago-style cupcake," featuring marinara sauce and Italian sausage, or the "corn dog" which calls for four all-beef (ideally Vienna) hot dogs and a cup of ketchup, I'm glad they're in there, and the majority of the recipes look incredibly appealing in theory if not in actual illustration.

See, while almost every recipe—from lemongrass to chocolate-cherry-stout to avocado and black pepper—gets a full-page photo taken by BHB house photographer Bill Lambert, for some reason the publisher saw fit to distress the images, making them look as if the pages were stuck together with ganache and ripped apart.

It's a shame—one of the thrills of visiting the Garcias' bakeries is the lysergic, Wonkaesque visual impact of the wares, which you can get a much clearer view of by taking a skip through their Flickr account, which is managed by Lambert.