Dinner & a Show: Tuesday 5/25 | Bleader

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Margolis & Reisman iO
  • Margolis & Reisman
Performing Arts

Show: Margolis & Reisman Nicky Margolis and Boaz Reisman avoid novelty ditties in this musical sketch revue, favoring character- and scene-based songs instead. Reisman uses his guitar to keep things moving at a brisk pace, and Margolis's bombastic style masks twists, as when an uplifting ballad slowly devolves into a satirical racist tirade.

8pm, iO, 3541 N. Clark St., 773-880-0199, chicago.ioimprov.com, $12

Dinner: Pick Me Up Cafe Open nonstop from Friday afternoon through the wee hours on Monday, with shorter hours the rest of the week, this homey cafe serves a varied menu that includes a whole page of coffee drinks; vegan sundaes, shakes, and cakes; and lots of vegetarian options—tofu burritos, a hummus plate, stir-fry.

3408 N. Clark St., 773-248-6613


Show: Six Three years ago pianist Jacques Demierre and analog synthesist Thomas Lehn founded this mostly Swiss improvising sextet—a sort of all-star group that also includes violist and vocalist Charlotte Hug, saxophonist Urs Leimgruber, clarinetist Isabelle Duthoit, and vocalist and musical saw player Dorothea Schürch—to make music that self-consciously reveals, exploits, and takes inspiration from the acoustic qualities of the space in which it's performed.

9 PM, Elastic, 2830 N. Milwaukee, second floor, 773-772-3616, elasticrevolution.com, $10.

Dinner: Red Apple Cheap all-you-can-eat Polish place serving a lavish spread of hearty, filling fare.

3121 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773-588-5781, redapplebuffet.com


Show: Boy Meets Girl The revelation of the 1984 Cannes festival was this first feature by 23-year-old Leos Carax. In its fervor, film sense, cutting humor, and strong autobiographical slant, it suggests the first films of the French New Wave (there's something in the arrogant iconoclasm that specifically recalls Godard), yet this isn't a derivative film.

7pm, Univ. of Chicago Doc Films, 1212 E. 59th St., 773-702-8575, docfilms.uchicago.edu

Dinner: Shinju Sushi More ambitious and upscale than most of the restaurants in Hyde Park, this BYO sushi place offers fusiony appetizers like deep-fried scallops and bacon with mixed greens and balsamic or a seafood Japanese "pizza," a seafood pancake topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

1375 E. 53rd, 773-966-6669, shinjusushi.com

Show: Nobody's Perfect German director and thalidomide victim Niko von Glasow recruits 11 middle-aged fellow sufferers to exhibit their deformed—in some cases limbless—bodies for a nude calendar. That may sound like a tough sell, but this brisk, funny, and often howlingly un-PC documentary was tailor-made for people who flinch at the sentimental manipulations of many disability docs.

8:30pm, Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State St., 312-846-2600, siskelfilmcenter.org

Dinner: Russian Tea Time Old-world Loop dining room offering top-notch fare, friendly service, lotsa vodka.

77 E. Adams St., 312-360-0000, russianteatime.com