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Non-Breaking Blogging of Note


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* The Science Essayist broke my heart today:

After death, accumulated calcium ions tend to leak across the cell membrane into muscle fibers, causing a contraction that cannot be released because the cell is no longer generating energy. And so: Stiff as a board, they say.

* Anne Elizabeth Moore's "Revision Street: America" is live, beginning with the story of Sladjana Vuckovic:

In second grade, I drew a picture of the American Flag and I wrote, “I do not like this flag.” And one of my teachers saw it and really demonized me. She called me out: go back to your own country. It was just horrible.

* Lee Bey on The Monkey Hustle, a movie I've been meaning to watch, as it was filmed in a recent neighborhood of mine.

* Robert Powers takes a look at another old neighbor, St. Boniface Church, at A Chicago Sojourn.