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One Bite: Lychee Pâte de Fruit


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I'm a weakling in the presence of all things lychee, so when I spotted these sugary jellies in the spiffy new digs of the venerable Ba Le bakery in Little Saigon, I didn't think twice about passing over the vivid red strawberry-flavored ones next to them. Yeah, they look like dull gray chunks of congealed industrial lubricant, but on the tongue they put up a slight resistance before dissolving into a tart blast of honeyed squishiness that initiates a dopamine overload.

It's been a few years since Ravenwood's Nhu Lan Bakery supplanted Ba Le in terms of banh mi supremacy. But there are a lot of interesting tasty things to be had at at the Uptown storefront, about which I'll have more to say soon.

(h/t @SheSimmers)

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