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Must-Read Blago Blogging


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I'm recommending my friend Susan Berger's Blagojustice, on the basis of her early performance and steller showing blogging the Conrad Black trial a couple of years ago. Berger has a good eye, a smart ear, a sense of humor, and a knack of getting everyone to like her, which is a gift that reporters who don't have it never quite compensate for the lack of.

As for Black, whom Berger's still in touch with, though he's doing time in Florida, and Judge Amy St. Eve, with whom Berger's likewise, a reunion is likely in the offing soon in the judge's courtroom. The Supreme Court is expected to do something drastic any day now to the federal honest-services law that underlay most of the counts on which the former owner of the Sun-Times was convicted. That'll mean a new hearing and probably a re-sentencing, or something that from Black's point of view is even better.

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