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Most Telling Headline of the Day (If Not Year)


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From Waste & Recycling News:

Hooters Girls donate pantyhose to clean up Gulf spill

The gist of it is that Hooters is leading a drive to collect nylons and send them to groups in the Gulf region that'll use them to help soak up oil.

My immediate reaction was to laugh out loud. What a stupid freaking marketing scheme.

Then I remembered what environmental journalist Gwynne Dyer told my colleague Lauri Apple when she asked him about the utility of organic clothing: "I don't do that stuff. I don't want to shit all over people who do, because gestures are important—but don't mistake the gesture for the reality. You don't change things by wearing green clothing but by not building coal-fired power plants." And something tells me you're not going to mitigate the impact of one of the worst environmental disasters in history by soaking up some of the oil with panty hose.

Yet I've now come to another conclusion: way to go, Hooters.

People are outraged, frustrated, and confused about this mess. Everybody wishes more could be done. At the very least we'd like to know WTF is going on—I mean honestly, on the most basic level, it's hard to understand how we can even allow drilling in the ocean floor if we don't know how to stop a gush. The news keeps getting worse, when we get it at all, and as far as we know the spill won't be stopped until late summer or fall at the earliest.

The whole thing is frighteningly absurd, and not because someone's been inspired to mobilize Hooters girls and the other wearers of panty house out there.

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