Clerical Error | Bleader

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Columbus Inquirer, September 24, 1908. "Possessed of unlimited resources for the gratification of his pleasure"—hot dog! This is another item ripe for adaptation for a handlebar-mustache version of Law & Order. The episode would open with an Italian balloon vendor stepping into the bushes to relieve himself and tripping over the murdered monsignor, natch.

At first I thought this attribution of lusty heterosexual palaver to the priest was the kid's cover-up for an attempted gay pick-up gone wrong, but then I cast my mind back to my youthful experiences as a hitchhiker. It's basic chicken hawk protocol to warm up to the subject of sex by talking filthy about the ladies, so maybe that's what Father Ascencio was up to.
Puffiing a cigarette—he was a cool customer, this Enrique De Laru. I wonder if his wealthy pops came through with lawyers, guns and money enough to get him back to Santo Domingo free and clear.