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Article/Paragraph of the Week: BP Boycotts



Well, it's from last week, but still, you should read it:

Driven by proximity to her Deerfield home and accumulated gas rebates on her BP credit card, Linda Elinoff, 55, was nonetheless feeling guilty as she pumped nearly $70 of premium gas into her BMW SUV Thursday morning at the BP station on Deerfield Road in Highland Park.

Gregory Karp has a compelling piece in the Trib about how boycotting BP stations is not a particularly effective means of boycotting BP, because of the way oil is traded and sold. It's actually damn near impossible to boycott BP as a producer.

Relatedly, now's a good time to go back and revisit Paul Salopek's "A Tank of Gas, a World of Trouble" series, one of the finest things any Chicago paper's ever run. Salopek traces the origins of a single tank of gas, which came not just from the Gulf of Mexico (31%) but also from Nigeria (17%), Saudi Arabia (10%), Angola (3%), and several other places. And if you've read anything about Nigerian oil production, it makes the current BP spill and the state of the Gulf look downright utopian.